Imagineering embraces any use of imaginative narrative to realize, create, or catalyze in real life the potentials we are imagining, usually by drawing people into actually living the story.

Imagineering often involves complete stories, in any form. But it can also involve one or more story elements — metaphors, images, themes, perspectives, conflicts, problems, questions, goals, knowledge, possibilities, and imagined characters, situations, plots, events, resolutions, dialogue, etc.

Role models and “looking back from the future” visionary stories are examples of imagineering.

Imagineers use such story elements consciously to inspire and guide people to reshape their consciousness, their lives, and their social and physical circumstances.

If a story is exciting, compelling, attractive — and do-able — really livable, for its target audience — it becomes a powerful force for change. Such imagineering is a favorite tool of story field workers.

For more about imagineering, including specific examples, see this article.

3 Responses to Imagineering

  1. My whole life I have seen how amazing imagineering has been. With new technologies like You Tube, high speed internet access, free photo sites and online tools it is now possible to do imagineering and reach a global audience.

  2. Yes, George, I feel the same. We have the opportunity to imagineer a new “movie” program for humanity. Like Star Trek’s holodeck (spelling on that?). Do you remember that room that they would go into, and their dreams created 3-D images to interact with?

    Checked out your website. Love the Vision Coaching you do! We are up the same type of work with people.

    If interested check out my website, under private practice. Tell me what you think.

    Vision is a navigational tool necessary to use the larger brain that we can access moment to moment to live our global freedom as a species. Reconnecting to the one awareness. Always here now, alive and free on this beautiful planet.

    Joy to meeting you in August.


  3. We have the potential of an Emergent Bootstrapping Uplifting Human Flowering that dwarfs all the SciFi epics. However, and I will return to this theme periodically: the whole vision, the Big Picture CANNOT BE EXPERIENCED. Our constructed “worlds” can be organized in association with complex body/brain processes, and relevant parts can be experienced (e.g. visualized). Creations for sensory perception are only (but beautiful and necessary) gateways to the …whole..Holistic..WHOLE… Yet, we can act in the context of wholes, individually and collaboratively. Our new stories, our imagineering expeditions, weave themes to our constructed “worlds”. But we must be cautious not to delude ourselves that what we experience (no matter how fantastic and moving) is a Big Picture. And, we must learn-to-learn how to share our “worlds” over extended temporal interaction with adequate feedback. This is our challenge.

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