February 5, 2013

New studies show Bayer’s neonicotinoid class of pesticides harm humans especially the developing brain.  Sign this petition and demand they be taken off the market!



Wisdom Writings~~New Vacation Hot Spots

July 9, 2012

As this journey becomes intensified and quicker, the pace, though faster, will come with the most “now” moments of time standing still as well.  Notice the “holes” in reality and look more and more for those gaps as the “reality” of the “lightness” starts to come through with greater intensity.  All that “is” is energy and all that “is” will shift in its energy as well.

Notice the body.  Notice the cravings.  Notice the desire to be lighter, feel lighter and immerse yourself in the glorious beauty of light.  Soon light “centers” filled with beauty and splendor will be the vacation hot spots, as the soul of many are craving to feel light-filled, joy-filled, beauty-filled.  Now much like a restaurant, there will be places to do your “filling” up.

Enjoy the moments of grandeur, beauty and glory.  Expand them.  Discuss them.  Share them and watch as they become the norm.  Oh imagine a society where complaining is no more and the conversation for grandeur, beauty and bliss are the order of the day.

Feel your glory, feel your light and know it is there, always there.

And to those of you steeped and stuck in darkness, sadness and struggle, we ask you to be there knowing that the truth of who you are is so bright.  You are known as that light by many, many masters.  Allow the sadness, darkness and struggle.  Allow to be loved.  Allow to be known.  Allow to feel connection in that place.  For the cocoon of protection in those times is now ready to be freed,  and the love/connection will bring the wings of beauty that you have been seeking.

We thank you for your connection and know many of you are getting more than glimpses of the Magical Kingdom Life.  We delight in this new connection to the world that we have known to be yours for so long.

With deep, deep love always…………..


August 29, 2007

Harmonies swim through me adjusting
Blood, flesh, breath, and the spaces in between,
Setting this whole organism to a new station
As old as protoplasm.  For a moment I think
I have died and then awakened to a fresh dream
Of stalwart ants threading a black line across
Southern sand, carrying giant crumbs, leaving
Traces of a strange intelligence for future use.

I see.  It is my story.  It is the old story
Of landing on the maker’s knee, fluttering
A bit, wriggling nervously, waiting to hear the
Invitation.  I yearn to enter the journey, marked
by ages upon ages of those who have waited for this Now.

Yawning cave and layered rock
Beckon me and still the moonrise
In a distant sky keeps the strains coming
That promise no end save in the

August 29, 2007


August 29, 2007


Parched is the land, the desert high, and cool
Breezes sweep around sage and chaparral where
Storytellers flock weaving ancient patterns
To replace worn-out idols too late enchanting
Reluctant little minds running the planet.

We come.

Late summer in this hemisphere presages
Harvest. Seeds sown centuries since took root
In hard dusty earth, burnt over by revivals, thirsty
For mist, what birds did not carry away for their own

Story grew.

Words proliferate and sometimes overpopulate
This small island. Betimes the scythe is crucial
For making a clearing in the field
Of story. Such nutrients as can live for years
In dry envelopes stuck in the back of drawers
Of seed catalogue companies we drop into
Hard soil, planting themes that yet may salve and save
Our fragile home.

Water them.

August 26, 2007

Getting to the point

August 22, 2007

Isaac Asimov edited a wonderful collection of short short stories which he introduced by explaining that novels had a point (or perhaps several) with a lot of stuff around them, short stories had a point with a little stuff around them, and short short stories had just the point.

Here are a few of my favorite point sources on the Internet:

One Sentence – True stories in one sentence

Post Secret – Honest (sometimes life-saving) postcards of secrets

Indexed – Thinking relationally without math

August 21, 2007

August 21st, 2007


In my August 17 th entry “Hybrid Heroes”, I expressed how Ben Franklin and Rumi had on my mind throughout the day. In my imagination, they were each a Twin Wing of a bird I could ride, as I soar in my life. I named this bird “Benrumi”. I continue to feel Benrumi’s inspiration and guidance.

See earlier post on this site or go to my blog:  http://drlisalongworth.wordpress.com/

Yesterday two more heroes of history appeared. Robin Hood and Mother Teresa. Opposites type characters, yet both “saviors” of those in need. As I am sure you remember, Robin Hood robbed from the rich to provide for the poor. Mother Teresa, completely in love with Jesus, provided loving kindness at death’s door for the poor.

In November last year, I formed a non-profit 501 (c). Now 9 months later, Twinwing.org Foundation which connects philanthropy & free trade, continues to soar. I created Twinwing.org Foundation, from being completely out of my mind, in love with life. Forming a non-profit business vehicle seemed like a natural form to make all my dreams come true. Initially the vision appeared to me after brain surgery in 1979. I saw the whole world lit up in a rainbow, bringing together separate nations into a unified whole world.

Since then, I have been in preparation to make my dream come true. To birth a transformed world where all humanity is consciously connected-one family. Having said all that, it made complete sense yesterday that Mother Teresa and Robin Hood where forming a new partnership in my imagination.

Picture this: Mother Teresa is the right wing, Robin Hood the left wing.

Now they soar together a Twin Wing bird. They are “living transportation” helping indigenous leaders make mutually beneficial free trade with non-profit organizations.

In addition, Twinwing.org provides leading edge designs for products (like hand made iphone pouches) that city people can purchase. This provides empowerment for philanthropists and consumers, adding meaning and purpose in their lives. While at the same time, providing loving kindness to native peoples, helping them maintaining their cultures and raising their standard of living.

As life turns inside out in the 21st century, Robin Hood instead of robbing the rich, provides a valuable inner wealth to consumers. Mother Teresa instead of hospicing the near dead, helps “birth” the living “dead” into life.

I shall call this Hybrid bird, “MotherHood!”, while together we are birthing a new world!

August 18, 2007

Conception Dollar - Draft