Conception Creation

This weekend we are finalizing the art for the 10th edition of the infamous Deception Dollar (see , our most successful flyer ever- with over 6,000,000 in circulation.  We have also printed 500,000 Election Deception Dollars and 300,000 Media Deception Dollars.

I would love to hear your suggestions/ideas/suggested websites/ideas for the new Conception Dollar which is on the drawing board at this very moment.  These dollars have been a collaborative effort between artist, activists, webmasters, and greatly benefited from the suggestions that we have received- for example our last Deception Dollar has key words around the edges- which people can google or think about which gives clues as to the truth about 9/11.

I’d like to have the best, most inspiring, engaging, encouraging, enlightening websites on the Conception Dollar, but I can’t find all of them!  And ideas, words, to go around the edges.

What I do know, is that the dominant paradigm relies on war, terror, fear, lies to control the vast majority, and that we would like to nurture the paradigm of love, courage, peace, truth, respect.  I also think that humor has been one of our greatest allies, and if people can laugh, then they aren’t so scared, and can do things with joy and courage. So I invite your humorous suggestions as well.  My family likes puns.  You should have heard the kids groan when they asked why I put 4’s in all the corners- “Why because this dollar is For Peace, For Truth, For Justice, For Ecological Wisdom…”  I guess it should be spelled out or it might go over people’s heads. We have been accused of being too subtle with our art and images, but some people pay attention to detail, and figure things out, and some people don’t look, see, or think too deeply about whatever they are looking at.

I invite your ideas and participation in this project. 

One Response to Conception Creation

  1. Carol, I would like to participate in some way with your effort. It pleased me when I saw people look at Deception Dollars that I had laid out. We still need Deception Dollars as well as the new Conception Dollars. It may be option to print some with Deception on one side and Conception on the other.

    I don’t know how “9/11 as an inside job” (I believe more by corporations than by government) should be treated at the Story Field conference. Although the conference is focusing on the longer term, what will be happening in the next few years will be our background context. Do we need to make backup plans for continued use of computers if our Internet use is constricted, even if it comes to mailing CDs or DVDs. David Korten’s perspective is probably shared by most attending, but I may be wrong. I personally don’t feel we can successfully fight the system, but need to work long and hard under their radar until a well organized alternative humanity is accepted, in practice, by a majority of humankind. Yet, I find it very difficult shifting from thinking about our threatening environment to thinking creatively about viable alternatives — that don’t require major reformation of existing institutions – but rather to replace them by what we creatively emerge.

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