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June 27, 2007

Hi. I like science fiction movies, possible futures. I would like to see more movies that show remarkable recovery for the earth, instead of disasters. The following is a description of another world – one that has lived through the transition into an entirely better way of being. I’d like to see a movie about this !

The Earth has a Big Sister

There is another planet of intelligent life sending
us a steady stream of transmission. Otherworldly
TV, viewable to each through the inner workings of
the delicate receiver that is the whole Human brain.

Not one sided and back in time like a radio
beam, they send responsive and immediate communication.

They are bonded to us in spirit, especially and
personally, and much more fully than we, comprehend
the entirety of the Universe. So opening ourselves to
perception of and through them, shows us parts of the
Universal Mind that we have not yet seen.

They can hear us all thinking, deeper than we
can hear ourselves. They have answers to the many
problems that besiege us. We can access their answers…
they are making their memory available to
each of us to use.

In that other world there is Human culture
that sustains justice and commerce and family and all
of it… all that is the expression of the Whole Human

We are so akin to that world, it is another part
of our home. It is a kindred planet. The people there
are a nation with many races of people, not very different
from our own. The components are not different.
But the assembly is different, so the results are
entirely different.

They are Human Beings with material fleshly
bodies, with the same Human needs that our own
lives entail. They are made by the same DNA.

They have a world economy, and formats to
integrate activity. Except that on their world, there is
no Human need that goes unmet. People have or get
what they need, and they do not create problems on
the side while doing it.

There is peace, there is health, there is abundance,
there is fun. Lots of fun. There is wealth in
every imaginable fashion, and not waste.

There is music that reaches to the bottom of
every thirst and quenches it. The people there are
bells, and they ring with a song of joy. The nervous
systems of people are musical instruments that God

Fully eighty percent of the brain matter that
we are not yet using is devoted to the appreciation
and creation of music and dance. But music is not a
big enough word. Joy is not a big enough word. Rapture.

The economic system is such that every good is
passed along a bond of love. Every transaction makes
more strong the bonds of affection and love.

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March 6, 2007

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