Introduction to this blog

March 6, 2007

Welcome to the Story Field Conference Participant Creations blog. Here we’ll post our creations — or links to our creations* — writings, videos, audio files, graphics, whatever.

This Story Field Conference Participant Creations blog is for our narrative and artistic creations. Our other blog — the Story Field Community Conversation blog — is for free-flowing talk with each other and exploring ideas.

We invite you to post creations (and create postings) that reflect
the purpose of the Story Field Conference: to shift our culture’s “story field” in life-enhancing directions.

These can include

  • evocative images
  • visions
  • essays and stories — past, present, and future — about what’s needed, good, or possible
  • myths, journalism, dance, poetry, and humor that communicate life at its best and most meaningful
  • stories about the struggles and successes of making better lives and a better world
  • works about how stories and story-work can, are, or will make a difference
  • and anything else that serves our shared purpose.

We’re especially interested in “imagineering” stories — stories of, into, or looking back from a better future, crafted to inspire and/or help people to live into that future.

We don’t want to co-create just one dominant story or embody one life-constricting ideology. We believe that life is filled with many possibilities, many outlooks, many dimensions, many unfoldings. We want to collectively call forth a very rich and diverse field of stories that evoke a sense of positive possibility and deep reality. We want to empower better futures to come into being.


* If your creation is too big or otherwise inappropriate for posting on this blog, and you don’t have another place to post it, send a ready-to-post page (including any needed html code) to me at with “Story Field Conference Submission” in the subject line. I’ll post it on the Story Field Conference site and send you a URL to link to in a blog entry here, which announces your creation to the group.