Vision Story 2015

August 16, 2007

Three months ago I created this Vision Video. Many of the things in it have already manifested and I know they all will manifest. I look forward to sharing this technology with all of you at the conference. Blessings George

Trusting Ourselves

August 15, 2007

Hello to my Story Field Friends,

A picture of us, a whole alive earth-the one glorious planet earth we are…

Joy eternally reflected in the mirror of form,


Ourselves as This

August 15, 2007


Blue Fusion Image

August 12, 2007

Blue Fusion

August 10, 2007

All of us thinking together a clear blue thought; each nueron in resonance with the shape of the galaxies clustering

The universe is thinking

August 8, 2007

The shape of the galaxy super clusters looks like a human brain cell.

Prayer Wheel

August 4, 2007

A meditation on life. Tibetan prayer wheels are devices for spreading spiritual blessings and well being.

water and sand

August 1, 2007

here i watch my grandkids, callie, 8 and conrad, 5,  playing in a small bay at cape cod.  the salt marsh is not dense here and the small body of water is clear to the bottom where small crabs, snails, and all sorts of tiny living things crawling or swimming. many children chill their bodies in this body of blue and green, they scoop up little tiny crabs and are extactic with their finds. and the sounds of their joy filled the bright sunny day.

can we be content like the children at the edge of the sea and playing in the water and sand?? that questioning struck me because we have evolved as the most advance creature on earth, where story and play seemed to have gotten very complicated and burdensome. can we still find simplicity and peace without the constraint of our interllect? where is the beginners’ mind? how and where can we find that wilderness in our being? yes, i’m not talking about return to childhood, but a return to a kind of innocence that can unlock us and bring us closer to spontaneous play and response to the elements surrounding us. sometime i can get to that place when i do my paintings or write poetry, but most of the time, the simple water and sand are not attainable. my dream of meeting like-minded folks is meeting those who can inspire me to play, to embrace a kind of freedom that’s not really new, but ancient… a kind of Tao of living.

Alternative Creation Stories

July 28, 2007

At this time we only have stories (no confirmed scientific theories) about our “creation” (assuming that there was a beginning and not a “steady state” background for change) and our “becoming” (to where we “are”). These stories are “based” on some “accepted” “facts” of the cultures who live by these stories. There are no confirmed scientific theories about cosmological creation, although many good partial hypotheses. The Big Bang and the physical Evolution of the Universe hypotheses were not refuted by the “confirming” discovery of the “background radiation”. “SCIENCE” is a social-cognitive process in the (circularly based physicalist theories of biology and brain) that creates space-time causal models and associated narrative stories.


But, as pointed out by David Korten in THE GREAT TURNING, both the religious “creationist” story and the physicalist Big Bang and Expansion story relegate life, mind and spirit to late emergence, without “cause”. One of the universal assumptions among humankind today is that “time is one dimensional”. There are interesting speculation that life, mind, and spirit “were around” at the Big Bang and may have had some influence in cosmic evolution [but they still adhere to 1D time].


I encourage creating physicalist stories, as they do represent “one” possible theme of reality, and have powerful heuristic value. But the story should not be told so as to exclude other stories (the best don’t). Especially when they encourage a passive, go with the flow of evolution, perspective.


Consider a highly speculative story. Fact: most of what we know about the traditional physicalist, Big Bang and Expansion story is less than two hundred years old, most much more recent. Assume that some psi phenomena are real, such that collective minds might influence subtle variables in the matter-energy world. [I believe such phenomena have not been refuted by experimentation.] Our knowledge of the Cosmological Story comes from processed and interpreted data generated from complex physical instrumentation and computers. Imagine both the design and use of these instruments being created so as to create the Cosmological Story in the interpreted data. The origin or zero point of time is always NOW! We continually create both past and future! Our stories are fictional (created) reality! [I expect that this may be consistent with some spiritual-religious stories.]


The holarchical (nested hierarchical) story of living systems is a wonder totally independent of the cosmological evolution story. That is, just the story of steady (dynamic) state molecular-biological processes – without evolutionary change – is a challenge to comprehend and appreciate. Within accepted physicalist constraints, the field of creativity is wide open to life (mind and spirit).


SEED: The organization/learning details beyond viable communities and persons (from our evolutionary herstory) towards a global holarchical network of highly diverse communities, will need to be commensurate in complexity with the intra- and inter- cellular processes of known life. To date, we are orders of magnitude below this. In analogy, we individualized persons are as proteins, except that instead of being a 3D folded form from a linear string of molecular beads, we are a changing web of components with fractal-like depth – with high diversity. This is why viable and sustainable communities and awakened persons is necessary, BUT NOT SUFFICIENT, for long-term survival of Humanity/GAIA.


I conclude with praise for visual artists and other creators who celebrate the Cosmological Story. I eagerly look forward to viewing your creations at the conference. To think/speculate/plan beyond the Here&Now does not exclude augmenting and enjoying the present.


Larry (nuet)

July 28, 2007

I wrote this little poem at a retreat with Gangaji.  It’s an attempt to express something about the place that stories (and story fields) arise from.  I offer it in honor of that placeless place.  Lorraine Cook

Freedom in the Binding

My teacher told me to write about Illusion and the Truth. 
I wrote Illusions on the left side of my journal
and Truth responded on the right.

Until it became obvious
they were opposing each other.

“Where exactly do you meet?” I wrote. 
And discovered, then, the binding,
A slit so narrow, there aren’t any words.

I will write you a book of Truth and Illusion
but where I rest is in the binding.

The place where consciousness is born and breathes,
writing out the pages of a story that
holds together only by what binds it.